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Enjoy Vilcabamba's warm climate, it's picturebook valleys & its clear mountain rivers at Cabañas Rio Yambala, in the foothills of the Podocarpus National Park. Vilcabamba's best spot for hiking, horse trekking & birding.
A great retreat, where you can enjoy the birds and the views from the comfort of your hammock.


For those looking to spend longer periods in Vilcabamba we have long term rental cottages, while our cabins provide an ideal spot to land and find your feet.


A destination in themselves, the Cabañas are also an ideal base for adventure trips into the Podocarpus National Park offering: spectacular views of lush andean valleys with dramatic mountain formations; lush cloud forest & pristine waterfalls to explore; and alpine lakes on our private reserve "Las Palmas".


Discover the best of Vilcabamba in this small corner of paradise, where the mountains hold a magical mystical quality with their arid ridges and lush ravines, dramatic skies and rich colours and the only sounds are those of nature.

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Cabañas Río Yambala

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