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How to get here

From Vilcabamba get a taxi to "Cabañas Rio Yambala", also known as "las cabañas de Charlie".

- The Taxi will drop you at our bridge. Cross the bridge, turn right and follow the signs up to our house and the cabins. It is a 3-4 minute uphill walk.

- If you call us on 0991062762 or WhatsApp us on 0939953585 just before leaving Vilcabamba we can come down and meet you at the bridge.

- If you arrive after dark or want help bringing your luggage up then you should definitely call first.

There are plenty of stores and restaurants in Vilcabamba but not much further out, so it is advisable to eat or get a few groceries before coming up if you are arriving late.


We can send a taxi (at cost) to pick you up in Loja or at the Loja airport