For Local Hiking and Birding, maps with directions guide you to swimming holes along the river; to local beauty spots; or into the heart of the mountains and to the edge of the cloud forest and the Podocarpus Park.

Our Color Bird Guide has photos of the most common species around the cabins.

The Vilcabamba valley is located on the western slopes of the continental divide.

Leaving behind the arid subtropical village the valley blossoms into an Aladdin′s cave of biodiversity, rising through dramatic scenery with spectacular views, lush cloud forests & pristine waterfalls on our private reserve Las Palmas and beyond to the cold alpine paramo and lake region of the Podocarpus National Park and the Central Cordillera at 3700mts, traversing 5 climatic zones with a rise in elevation of 2200mts in just 15km′s.