Cabañas Río Yambala are set in the midst of a typical andean rural community, offering a unique cultural experience

"in the foothills of the Podocarus National Park, with the best access to the most popular hiking trails in Vilcabamba"

bullet For Local Hiking and Birding, maps with directions guide you to swimming holes along the river; to local beauty spots; or into the heart of the mountains and to the edge of the cloud forest and the Podocarpus Park.

bullet Our Color Bird Guide has photos of the most common species around the cabins.

bullet We can help organize Trips to our Cloud Forest Reserve, Las Palmas in the Podocarpus National Park.
A destination in themselves, the Cabañas are also an ideal base for adventure trips into the Podocarpus National Park offering:
 bullet Spectacular Views of Lush Andean Valleys with Dramatic Mountain Formations;
 bullet  Lush Cloud Forest & Pristine Waterfalls to Explore;
 bullet  Alpine Lakes in the Podocarpus National Parks Lake Region.

bullet We can help organise Day Horsetrecks and Cycle Rides around Vilcabamba

bullet In accordance with Eco-Tourism ideals our Guides are from the local community, giving them an unrivaled knowledge of the mountains, local flora and fauna and herbal remedies. They are extremely familiar with Las Palmas Nature Reserve and this area of the Podocarpus National Park, experienced at handling horses and patient and sensitive toward non Spanish speakers and inexperienced riders.

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